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The Fire Safety Regulations (NI) 2010 became effective 15th November 2010 bringing N. Ireland into line with UK fire safety legislation, whereby it will be a LEGAL requirement that all non-domestic premises must have in place a written fire risk assessment. This must be undertaken by someone who is considered knowledgeable and competent, i.e. someone who has sufficient training, experience, knowledge or qualifications

The N.I. Fire & Rescue is responsible for enforcement of the new legislation and has wide ranging powers including enforcement notices and ultimately prosecution

Why do you need a fire risk assessment ? :

> A legal obligation under new fire safety law.

> Company owners/directors have a duty of care, under corporate responsibility legislation, to staff/visitors.

> Commercial insurance claims might be affected if no assessment in place.

What can West-Fire offer ? :

> Fire Risk Assessments at competitive prices with a fast turnaround.

> Fire safety training for staff & fire wardens training for 'responsible person' within the business.

> Experienced fully insured assessors, giving all our clients additional peace of mind.

> Advise and assistance implementing the recommendations and on emergency evacuations plans (EEP's) and procedures.

New N.I. Fire Safety Regulations Now In Place

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